Who We Are

Minority Authority Mission Statement:

We at Minority Authority don’t believe that we are selling you clothing—we believe we sell you a lifestyle. In the creation process we looked to give you something that you could wear that would make you feel great about yourself, heritage and rich history. Minority Authority attempts to redefine the narrative—a past present and future told by us. We also aim to create something that is comfortable to wear, durable and long lasting. Fashionably Practical—if you will. We live in an era in which people buy clothing because of a name, without knowing what the brand stands for—if it stands for anything at all. We have no interest in riding that wave. Nor do we have any interest in perpetuating negative imagery that has circulated its way into normalcy. So what is the Minority Authority motto? Defining yourself; and not letting someone else define you. Leading—even when it’s not the most popular thing to do. Taking a stand for your truth, knowing it could fall on deaf ears. Facing the storm of adversity disregarding the elements, with only the end result in mind. The world can no longer suppress your expression, disregard your pain or devalue your triumphs. We’ve employed a mathematical equation that has served us well in our endeavors and would like to endow it to you with hopes that it is received well; ((p+t)*a*a2)+f). Enjoy your greatness.

Key: P=passion T=talent A=association A2=Action F=faith

A Brief History of Minority Authority and the Owner

Minority Authority was created in 2012 while owner (Darnell Roberts) was working as a Youth Specialist at a Juvenile Prison for the State of Ohio. The idea was birthed out of a desire to inspire the youth in undesirable conditions to overcome the odds and to rise above marginal expectations.

While working as a Youth Specialist, he would mentor the kids daily. Darnell, whom came from a broken home with a father on drugs moved over 20 times before his 18th birthday—moving between different relatives, managed to finish high school and also College, making him a 1st generation college graduate (Bachelors in Criminology/Sociology). Given his experiences, he figured he would be of good use to the young men. Darnell was tasked with managing a mentoring group—in which he taught the young men skills that were not previously taught to them such as how to tie a tie, how to crease their pants, how to fill out a job application, how to change a car tire and even more thought provoking sessions dealing with world events.

Further inspiration for the creation of Minority Authority came from police killings that sparked national outrage but little reform. Criminal sentencing, income, wealth, health disparities and lack of venture capital in black communities.  This prompted Darnell to expand the goal of the brand. The goal is to inspire the community leaders and indict the oppressors. Minority Authority hopes that its products inspire the youth, motivate the adults and honor the community elders.